Monday, June 28, 2010

Bad Jokes

Just because I can...

Two cows are standing on a hill. The first cow says to the second cow: "So, are you worried about this Mad Cow Disease?"

The second looks at the first cow and replies: "Why would I be worried? I'm a penguin."

And, while I'm at it...

A bear with three legs walks into a bar. He looks around, and then says in a slow, western drawl: "Ah'm looking for the man who shot my paw."

Feel free to contribute your favorite dumb jokes in the comments. Maybe we'll have a whole thread full of jokes and then everybody who reads it will feel irrationally cheered. Come on, it's for the good of humanity!


  1. Nothing? Nothing at all? Nobody has a joke to contribute? C'mon, folks!

    A horse walks into a bar. Bartender asks, "Why the long face?"

  2. This penguin is living his life up in the arctic circle. After years of doing the same thing every day (sliding around on the ice and eating whatever they eat), he gets pretty depressed. His penguin buddies suggest that take a vacation to America for a change of pace.

    The penguin decides to take a driving tour across America and makes it as far as death valley where his car breaks down.

    He finds the lone garage for many miles in the desert and is told by the mechanic that its going to take a few hours to diagnose the issue and suggest that the penguin go visit the local ice cream shop.

    The penguin considers this and decides its a great idea, he could use some ice cream, being a penguin and all and being in the desert on top of that, he visits the ice cream shop.

    Being a penguin and having only flippers for arms, he sits at the table with his dish of vanilla ice cream and just dives in, making a huge mess of course.

    After cooling off for a while and enjoying his ice cream, the penguin mozies on back to the garage to check on his car.

    The mechanic walks out and says to the penguin.."Looks like you blew a seal", to which the penguin says "No, its only ice cream", what's wrong with the car?

  3. ::laughs:: Thank you for contributing to the good of humanity!


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