Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weird Dreams

Weird dreams last night... probably the result of being woken at three in the morning by an unhappy child.

I'd arrived somewhere new - not a specific location, just somewhere new. There was girl, about my age (late High School, I'd guess, but I'm filling that in retroactively), that I'd started spending time with; new acquaintance, good company. At one point she got a call on her cell phone, and went racing off to meet her friends; there was something desperately urgent that they had to do. I followed her down a dark(ish) alley, and found the three of them huddled in a corner.

They did... something, involving touching the shoulder, the top of the forearm, and the hand. One of them was apologizing to another for not doing it quite right the first time. I don't remember much about the friends, except that there were two of them and they were both girls; my impression is that all three (including the one I was hanging out with) were sort of goth-y misfits.

I remember waiting at a bus later (which is what makes me think this was High School or something similar), and being intensely relieved when she joined me again. I asked her what she'd been doing with her friends. She responded by digging into my hand - with her fingernail, I think - under the big muscle at the base of my thumb. Then she squeezed, and little (fingernail-sized) black wriggling things spurted out. Then she asked if I felt better.

I'm not sure if the black things were parasites, or some sort of organic RFID tag, or a control mechanism... but I remember thinking (as I was waking up) that the whole setup could make a pretty interesting story. So if you see something like this show up in my writing, you'll know where it came from.


  1. That is a very strange dream. . .

  2. Am I a follower yet? (It's tricky!)

  3. Looks like it, and it looks like your account is using your preferred name.


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