Thursday, November 16, 2023

Good!Party: The Vicious Victory over Vecna

While we still have all our buffs in place, we charge up the stairs to the portal at the top of the tower. Ruin has a premonition of death and destruction on a massive scale. We come up into a large, open area; the stairs are now gone. Vecna has gone full lich, and grown to twice her side; she’s floating in the air. She turns to us and uses a surge of energy. We all clutch our heads, and these tendrils start extending from the sides of our heads and spreading towards the wall. 

Vecna/Galvera: “Nearly a thousand years of planning, and you dare interfere with a single day left? But you mistake me. I am the goddess of secrets, and I know how to hurt you. Geddy Lee Geddy, I see that one already shares your suffering. One of the walls dissolves away, and we see Eva’s sister Rita sleeping beside a lake in Duendewood.  Vecna connects a tendril from Eva to Rita. Any damage he takes will now be split between the two dragons. 

“Leira!” She gestures, and the next wall vanishes and Sacha is there; Vecna connects a tendril from Leira to Sacha. Sacha can see us, but not reach us; he’s blocked by an invisible wall. 

“Ruin! I see within your soul, much deeper than you know. I see that you have many ties to this world. You will learn that those ties are a weakness, and you will bring them nothing but pain. Darvinin, Tarric, Aesa, Vendril, Anica, Werendril, and the children Rune and Rose. They see us; Vendril starts looking at their surroundings, but realizes that they’re trapped; Werendril and Darvinin come rushing up to the wall, but also can’t get through. 

She opens another portal, and Martini’s young brother Joseph R. Pious is there in the care of the druids. “Martini? Is that you?” Martini: “What are your thoughts on the survival of the elves?” Vecna continues to connect tendrils, and the druids gather around Joe. 

She gestures again, and the next portal opens to Fanaxia, where Lotan and the Bakunawa are worshipping in front of a statue of Marshall Mercy. Marshall: “You’ve made a mistake, Miss. I don’t actually care about them.”

Vecna: “You created a religion where there was none. Tonight, the worship of Artemis will fade from Fanaxia.”

She waves again, and another portal opens, this one to the Chapel of All, where Ameliana, Jacqueline, Tabitha, and about a hundred other assorted worshippers have gathered to pray. The temple closes itself up, trapping everyone inside, and they turn to see Tavros and the others. “Tavros!” 

Tavros: “Fighting a god! A bit busy now!”

Martini looks at Vecna: “You know, I’d be totally willing to join your side, if you want to make a pitch.” Vecna sniffs dismissively, and Martini pulls out a longbow and starts shooting arrows at her. “Galvera, Galvera, Galvera, Galvera, Galvera, Galvera.”

Joe: “Sister! Tell me it’s going to be okay!”

Martini: “No!”

Ruin circles around and attacks, and manages to hit once. A knockback effect blasts Ruin back, and Rune falls dead; a soul passes through the wall and starts heading towards Vecna. She then drops an intensified Meteor Shower. She drops the meteors on Martini, who dodges aside and escapes entirely. The flames hit everybody except Ruin; Tavros and Geddy dodge aside and avoid the worst of it. Secondhand, Sacha takes a bunch of damage; so do the two dragons; One of the snake-priests dies and his soul starts moving towards the center. Fifteen or so of the regular people in the Temple of All fall dead. Vecna attempts to disintegrate Martini, but fails. Eva throws Geddy, at his command, at the lich. He tries to hit her with Otto’s irresistible Dance, but barely fails to get through her spell resistance. Eva then lets loose with a blast of fire. Vecna avoids the worth of it, but it’s still damage. Vecna tries a quickened disintegrate on Eva, and does a bunch of damage; somewhere in Sol Povos, about ten innocent people die. 

Tavros charges and hits, and also gets knocked back; more people die in the church. Marshall casts a Mass Heal, healing us and damaging Vecna, though she again shrugs off the worst of it. Marshall now very much has her attention. Marshall makes himself immune to Disintegrate, Meteor Swarm, Finger of Death, Fireball, and Waves of Exhaustion.

She casts a quickened Disintegrate on Tavros, who shrugs off the worst of it. Marshall moves up towards Vecna; Leira moves away from the others and fires off an Empowered Meteor Swarm. She forces it past Vecna’s spell resistance, and delivers the whole thing as fire damage. Vecna again shrugs off the worst of it, but it’s still a lot of damage. Sacha yells for Clovis, who comes staggering into the room. “Oh, shit! I have the worst luck!”

Sacha: “You’re not attached to it!”

Ruin and Vecna heal up a bit. Ruin realizes that Martini’s about to care a lot more. Vecna: “I know what you fear!” Azrael – or some semblance of him – appears behind Martini. Martini charges and tackles him. Azrael attacks her on the way in with his sword, and misses completely. She tackles him and tries to take him down, but he throws her aside. “Good try, Farta.”

Ruin charges Vecna but misses. 

Vecna drops an intensified Disintegrate on Leira. Leira and Sacha both take a ton  of damage; Leira goes down and Sacha is barely hanging on. Geddy lets loose with a chord from the Richenbacher’s Electric Lute, but fails to get through her spell resistance. 

Vecna drops a quickened Time Stop. and drops two Maximized Delayed-blast fireballs. On Eva, Tavros, and Marshall. We take damage, and more people die. Eva goes and restores Leira, and Vecna hits Geddy with a quickened disintegrate. Eva and Rita take the damage. Tavros charges and smites. Tavros absorbs the knockback effect, but Ruin gets knocked back again… and Anica takes damage and staggers. Tavros rolls with it, and takes half the knockback damage, which again is spread among the people in the church. 

Marshall moves up next to Vecna, activates the Blade Barrier on his armor, and tries another Mass Heal. It heals us, but it doesn’t get through Vecna’s spell resistance. Sacha falls, but he has only lost consciousness. He isn't dead yet.

Azrael takes a five foot step, then drops a Meteor Shower on us. Ruin, Tavros, and Geddy all avoid the worst of it. He then shoots Farta/Martini with a quickened scorching ray, damaging both her and Milathyra. Leira stands up and drops an Intensified Meteor Swarm on Vecna. Three out of four meteors make it through her spell resistance. Clovis Cloverfield Heals Sacha. He follows it up with a quickened Cure Critical Wounds. Sacha rolls over onto his stomach. “Leira! Don’t stop fighting! I can take it! I’ll be strong.”

Ruin has a bad feeling about this. Alexej has appeared, and now approaches Geddy. “Geddy! My old friend!”

Fartathren moves in on Azrael. “Let go of me, Farta!”

Martini leans in: “Everyone you’ve ever slept with is a lesbian now.” 

Azrael: “What?”

Ruin charges but misses again; still, he’ll offer Tavros a flanking bonus.

Vecna drops another Intensified Meteor Swarm. Tavros takes the brunt of it. 

Rune’s soul is now with Vecna, along with one of the Bakugawa. Anica falls, and her soul begins drifting towards Vecna. Vendril falls as well. Geddy uses the Cube of Force to enclose us, leaving Martini and Azrael on the outside, and Alexej as well. Tragically, this will not prevent the souls from being drawn to Vecna. 

Vecna hits Tavros with a ranged Otto’s Irresistible Dance. Tavros begins to dance VERY badly, and will be dancing for five rounds. Geddy activates the Cube of Force that we’ve been holding in reserve, and Alexej circles to try to trip Martini. He connects, and trips her; she pulls Azrael down with her. Alexej: “Oh! What a mess.” Alexej follows up with an attack, and damages Martini. 

Vecna fires off a quickened Chain Lightning, targeting Marshall. It spreads from him to Eva and Ruin. Another of the Bakugawa goes down. Ruin absorbs the lightning and grins; he is undamaged. Tavros continues dancing, and he’s ridiculously embarrassed by it. 

Marshall turns into an incredibly large snake, and drops a quickened Heal on Leira. Vecna throws another quickened chain lightning, targeting Tavros, Marshall, and Eva. Eva avoids the worst of it, and Tavros is somewhat protected by his Ring of Energy Resistance. Azrael uses Dimension Door to escape the grapple. He drops a quickened fireball on us, and Ruin essentially shrugs it off but Tavros, and Marshall take damage. Leira drops another Intensified Meteor Swarm. Clovis heals Sacha again, and follows up with a quickened cure spell; Sacha’s looking a lot better. 

Ruin and Vecna both heal a bit. 

A silver dragon appears and attacks Tavros. Presumably it’s his dad? Yep, it’s his dad, or some semblance of him. He’s somehow convinced that he must stop Tavros. About ⅔ of the people in the temple are dead at this point.

Martini, on the ground, casts Disintegrate on Alexej. Vecna drops another Intensified meteor swarm, angling it to get Leira. The rest of the folks in the temple die, and so does Tabitha the lady-in-waiting. The souls of Anica, Vendril, and Rita are one round away from getting taken by Vecna. Geddy dismisses the wall of force and uses a Mass Heal scroll. This heals us, and damages Vecna somewhat. Tavros stops dancing. Leira is out of the range of the effect, though. 

Vecna responds with a quickened disintegrate on Geddy. 

Eva lets loose with another blast of fire breath, doing solid damage to Vecna. Alexej attacks Martini on the ground, hitting three times – one of them critically. Martini feels it, and Milathyra staggers. Tavros’ father – or his simulacrum – hurts Tavros some more. Emiliana and Jacqueline take damage as well. 

Vecna drops a quickened disintegrate on Geddy, and kills him. Geddy’s soul starts sucking out of his body and moving towards Vecna. Tavros attacks again and triggers the knockback effect. Werendril takes damage for Ruin, who is knocked back. Eva takes damage and is knocked back. Tavros takes damage and is knocked back into Marshall, who is also pushed back somewhat.

Marshall casts a quickened Cure Serious Wounds, Mass. He follows it up by using a Wish to cast a bard spell, putting a zone of silence around himself. He moves up, engulfing Vecna with the silence effect. She’s going to have to cast her spells silently, which is going to require higher-level spell slots; or else she’s going to have to cast spells that don’t have verbal components. 

Vecna, frustrated, fires off a quickened, silent magic missile at Eva. 

Leira drops another Meteor Swarm; two of them get through, again making the damage all fire. She tries a quickened Fireball but doesn’t get through spell resistance; she drops another, making it sonic, and get through, doing some damage. Again, and this one fails. Sacha calls encouragement. Clovis Heals Sacha again, his last one. 

Ruin and Vecna heal a bit. 

Martini hits Alexej with Power Word Kill and he dies. Ruin steps over to Azrael and takes him out. Vecna dispels the cone of silence, and then hits Marshall in his reptilian face with a Cone of Cold; Anica, Vendril, Rita, and one of the Bakanawa priests are gone now. Geddy is on his way. 

Eva considers trying to resurrect Geddy, but that wouldn’t work. She breathes fire on Vecna. 

Vecna tries a quickened disintegrate on Leira, who… avoids the worst of it. Tavros’ silver-dragon father damages him some more; Emiliana and Jacqueline are both injured. Tavros charges and attacks, as his mother calls for him to hurry. He misses. 

Marshall pulls the last Mass Heal scroll and drops it on the group at the center, including Martini; he then follows up with a quickened Heal on Leira. 

Vecna tries a quickened Disintegrate on Leira. She survives and drops a Meteor Swarm of sonic damage. Vecna takes damage. 

She heals as bit, as does Ruin. Geddy’s soul is absorbed by Vecna. Ruin foresees Tavros getting hit hard, as Tavros has actually done her a lot of damage. Martini stands up, but there isn’t much she can do; she casts Destruction and hopes she can push it through the goddess’ magic resistance. 

It gets through. (OOC: Her player rolled a 20.)

Ruin charges and attacks, but just barely misses. 

Vecna casts Time Stop and drops two maximized Delayed Blast Fireballs. They mainly affect Tavros and Ruin. They’re resistant to fire, but not that resistant. 

Ruin’s child Rose dies. Her soul begins moving towards Vecna. The same for Emiliana and Jacqueline. 

She throws a quickened Cone of Cold on Marshall. A few of the Bakugawa are still standing. Eva hauls out the Orb of Controlling SIlver Dragons, and takes over the summoned dragon that resembles Tavros’ father. The dragon turns on Vecna as she throws another Cone of Cold at Marshall’s face. 

Tavros hits Vecna again, and the repulsion effect knocks him and Ruin back. Tavros is taking the full damage now, and Tarric is splitting damage with Ruin now. 

Vecna tries a quickened Disintegrate on Leira. She takes the damage but survives. 

Then she casts Time Stop. She drops four Delayed Blast Fireball, setting them to be sonic damage instead of fire. 

Vecna shimmers, and then implodes. 

We saved Rose, Werendril, Emiliana, and Jacqueline. We’ll still have to resurrect them, but they aren’t taken by Vecna. Anica, Rune, Vendril,

The implosion blows the top of the tower off. Martini avoids damage. Tarric will now also need to be resurrected. Geddy’s soul is gone. Leira’s dead body is flying through the air and is going to land in the ocean. Martini is also flying through the air; she uses Dimension Door to get down to the ship. Eva fetches Geddy’s body; Ruin teleports down to fetch Leira’s body, then uses Overland Flight to carry her back to the boat. Tavros lands on the rocks, and the sailors pull him onto the boat. 

There are other things that need to happen, but the campaign is effectively finished.

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