Friday, October 4, 2019

Current State of Me and also Music: Bills

Was home sick yesterday, and basically didn't move for the whole day. (Seriously: I started a load of dishes, and I picked up Secondborn from school. Those were my big adult achievements for the day.) Feeling better this morning, but I don't know how long it'll last... and I still should be careful not to breathe on anybody, because Firstborn returned from school yesterday with a just-under-102-degree fever and when I emailed a couple of his teachers about pending assignments, what I got back was basically, "Oh no, I hope it isn't Flu, we've had a couple of confirmed cases already." Which, y'know, great.

Meanwhile I'm feeling a lot better (which isn't a high bar, but I'm mobile and functional and I'll take it) but I also have some things that I meant to follow up on yesterday, plus a couple of major things that I really ought to finish today. So instead of any of the things I'd been meaning to write, you get thematically-appropriate music:

"Bills", courtesy of LunchMoney Lewis:

Kind of an anthem for modern life, TBH.

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