Friday, August 23, 2019

Not Today...

Well, I'd hoped to do the next installment of Dungeons and Dating and/or put up the notes from the Tuesday Night Game by now, but this week has utterly defeated me for a combination of reasons. So instead, I'm going to offer a book recommendation.

Back on Wednesday I offered my bit for the Weekly Blogging Challenge. Naturally, I then went around and read everyone else's responses (as one does). Well... in Tanith Davenport's response there's a recommendation for a book called To Marry A Prince. In her words: "This was the first romance novel I ever read, and it's perfect. It had a great, strong heroine, an equally great best friend and a central romance you root for all the way."

This, while it clearly would contain a bit less sorcery and a lot fewer swords than my usual fare, sounded like enormous fun and great bit of escapism.

My friends, it is every bit of that. And it is largely responsible for getting me through a week of missed sleep, strange news and odd problems at work, and extra obligations. So if Romance is at all to your taste, give it a look. According to my Kindle I'm 65% of the way through it, and so far it's been fun, funny, and sweet -- and I love it dearly.

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