Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Well, hail...

Holy poot, y'all. A gigantic hail storm just rolled over us. Like, fifteen minutes straight of quarter-sized hail, coming down at a something like a fifty-five degree angle. I mean, you could just see it washing over the roof. The back yard is white. So is the front yard. Any larger, and we'd probably have had some broken glass -- I could hear it smacking into Secondborn's window. And a couple of pieces somehow managed to fall into the middle of the house through the dryer vent, which sounds slightly less insane once you realize that our dryer is currently disconnected and sitting in the newly-tiled kitchen. And the whole thing was accompanied by a steady, irregular strobing of lightning and thunder.

Naturally, the first major hail storm we've had in several years fell on us at a time when we'd blocked off one side of the garage (because of the tiling), so my car was outside through the whole thing. (Not much I could do about that.) I'm pretty sure the hood and roof are dimpled, but the glass is intact so it could be much worse. My wife's vehicle, on the other hand, was safely in the garage; it's by far the newer and nicer of the two.

I like storms, normally, but this one? This one was a bit much.


  1. Hail, indeed. :) Hail can do a lot of damage.

  2. Yeah, the car isn't as... smooth... as it was yesterday, and it's acquired a couple of new cracks in the windshield (which should have been fine, but they're coming out of a spot where a rock hit the window a while back). We're going to need to check the roof, too.

  3. Sometimes it's obvious that Mother Nature is out to get us.

  4. EEK! We had a storm in Austin, but the worst thing that happened here was the power going off when we were asleep and killing all our alarm clocks. I woke up at ten after 7 a.m. which is ten minutes after I'm supposed to be at work already. Still, I'm glad you got away with that little.

  5. Sorry about the damage. We had a decent hailstorm a few years back, got a new roof out of it.


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