Friday, December 26, 2014

We survived Christmas!

The boys got basically everything they wanted, and they were extremely well behaved through the entire Crowd Of Visiting Family section of the day, as well as the movie we all went to see afterwards.

(It was Night At The Museum 3: The Secret Of The Ooze Tomb, and it was actually pretty good. Firstborn had been worried that it would be too scary, but there's a funny thing there: "scary" for my eight-year-old means waiting for things to happen. Once we get to a battle scene -- even against a big, scary monster -- he's fine.)

Beautiful Wife is still recuperating from being sick, and I'm beginning to think that I could use a break myself. (I worked Monday and Tuesday, had Wednesday and Thursday off, and am back at work today.) Still, we made it through and we made it work. So, y'know, go us.

Here's hoping everybody's holidays went well, and everybody's next year will be even better.

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