Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fun, Random Dreams

I'm still not getting as much sleep as I should be - not as much as I need, I think.

So, yeah: I was at a sort of resort, and there was a girl, and we went swimming. I don't think there was anything romantic involved, though I wasn't married (or quite as old as I actually am) in the dream. Anyway, there was a lake outside of the resort, so we went down to the beach and went swimming.

I've dreamed about this resort before. It isn't quite the same - sometimes the resort buildings are the elaborate part, sometimes it's the lake itself with all its little islands, and in this case it was actually the little town on the far shore. (There weren't any docks this time around, and it was possible to swim all the way across, so maybe it wasn't the same resort... but it felt like the same resort.)

The town on the far shore was actually in another country; the lake was, I guess, on the border between two countries. I remember thinking that that was probably how the resort defended itself against accusations of helping people escape the country: it was such an obvious escape route that nobody would use it.

Anyway, we swam across, and sure enough there was a little customs office on the shore. (Though it was closed at that time of night - did I mention we were swimming at night?) So the next thing I know, I'm wandering around town looking for a place to put on dry clothes, and talking to a pair of older women who were trying to fix up their farm after a freeze had cracked the well. By this point, I'm pretty sure that at least one of them was the aunt of the girl I was with. There was going to be a festival the next day, and they were trying to get ready for that, too, but they were very nice to me.

That's when my alarm went off.

I don't think there was any particular point to the dream, but it's a nice setting and I'll have to work it into something, someday.


  1. Dreams are cool, and freaky.

    Here lately my dreams have been so vivid that I don't really feel rested? I don't know what I'm doing differently.

  2. That sounds like stress more than anything -- which may not be anything you're doing, so much as just things that are happening around you.

    I usually have very vivid dreams. I've noticed over the last year or so that I either don't have them, or don't remember them. I think that's directly related to being far too tired and not getting nearly enough sleep. So having dreams that actually stick with me is a good sign.

    1. That's good. My hubby never (remembers) dreams. He says it sounds horrible.


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