Friday, January 17, 2014

Thinking about taking a break...

I've been toying with the idea of taking a break for a couple of days now. There are reasons for it, of course. Chief among them is that I'm tired -- not of the blog itself, just in general. Updating the blog every weekday actually occupies a surprising amount of my time and attention, and I'm not sure I have enough readers that anyone would really notice if I failed to post on schedule.

On the other hand, it's not like that time and attention would be better spent elsewhere. To put that another way, the blog isn't keeping me from writing other things; if anything, it's the other way around. The blog is where I come to write when I'm not making progress on anything else. (See, for example, the scene with Werdeth and his uncle from yesterday: that's not a story that I'm even trying to work on right now, but I had a random little snippet of it leap into my head, so I put it there.) The blog is also where I come to explore thoughts, drop rants, or write down fun little things that amuse me - mad science, superheroes bar stories, and like that.

So, basically, if there's a sudden drop in my blogging, it's probably because I'm busy making progress on one or more of my projects. That would be awesome.

But I'm also thinking that taking a complete break, however brief, might actually be kind of helpful. Just... not trying to write, not thinking about writing, not bothering to add filler. (Though admittedly, I love my filler. Even if it's just a youtube video for a single song, it's on here because it's a song that I like and enjoy.) I don't know if that would help me with getting back to some of my longer (and longer-standing) projects. Based on experience, I seriously doubt it.

Also based on experience, I'm not at all sure I could actually do that. I'm pretty sure that I'd sit down, take two deep breaths, and suddenly be struck by an inspiration for something that I absolutely had to write out. Hell, I wrote out a four paragraph e-mail about two of my current work projects yesterday morning, just to help me think through where they were currently and where they needed to go next. Writing, in a lot of ways, is how I do my thinking.

So... I don't know. But if I suddenly drop off the face of the Earth Blogger, well... don't panic, okay?


  1. Enjoy your break! Sometimes it's the best thing a writer can do. :)

  2. if I suddenly drop off the face of the Earth Blogger, well... don't panic, okay?

    Sure thing.

  3. For some reason your posts haven't been showing up in my reader so I thought maybe you already were on a bit of a break.

    Sometimes it helps to recharge.


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