Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Weird Dreams: Blood Beasts

Dreams last night were a weird mix of zombies, work, ruined buildings, the mafia (I think I was applying for a job?) - and then, in the midst of one of the zombie bits, these two giant beasts went by outside the half-ruined building, spraying blood everywhere as they passed. (Marking territory? Making a path to guide the zombies? Trying to infect the living with something?)

They were at least two stories tall, probably three. The had oddly rectangular-platform bodies (though rounded enough to be organic) atop long, spindly legs. Their heads were sort of snarly-gargoyle faces. And they had no skin - just raw meat and bone, with blood spraying off them.

Which, y'know, gah. But if they show up in some sort of horror-ish book that I might or might not be writing, you'll know where they came from.

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  1. Blood Beasts in a horror-ish book?

    Doesn't sound very ISHY, but I'd read it!

    I once had a long, elaborate, detailed (or so it seemed) dream that was a sequel to 28 Days Later....
    If an infected woman gave birth to a scary baby, reeeeeeelly fast before she turned, and the baby bit you, you would be immune,
    but nobody would believe you, starting a whole new nightmare.
    28-days blood splatter, since you mentioned it.


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