Friday, March 9, 2012

The things that stay with us...

Right, so, here's something you probably don't need to know about me.

I was born Episcopalian, baptized Episcopalian, raised Episcopalian, and confirmed Episcopalian. Nowadays, of course, I'm an atheist; but sometimes I still talk like an Episcopalian. And in particular, I still curse like an Episcopalian.

I'm occasionally surprised by the things that stay with us as we grow. How about you?


  1. I'm right there next to you, an Episcopalian agnostic. I was a GREAT Episcopalian, not such a great Christian.

  2. Yeah, I was the little boy who stepped off the path to go exploring, and got so interested in the woods that I never went back to the path. That's the Fairy Tale version, anyhow.

  3. You curse like an Episcopalian? Well, Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

    (Taking the Lord's Name in vain? Or a quick prayer in an exasperating moment? Only a "cradle Catholic" knows for sure...)

  4. I'm not sure that using "Jesus Christ" (or some variation, often involving a pogo stick) is actually "taking the name of the Lord in vain". I have this long-standing suspicion that the sin which that phrase refers to is presuming to speak for God, arrogating to yourself His authority.


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