Monday, March 26, 2012

The Joys of Parenting

We have two boys. They're about four years apart. Firstborn will be turning six in June (and I assume that this surreal sense of How Did He Get That Old??? will only get worse from here on out). Secondborn will be turning two in about three weeks.

I am incredibly proud of these boys. They are bright, inquisitive, kind... and very, very active. But hey, I didn't really want to go to sleep at night anyway. Or keep anything delicate anywhere in our house. So it's all good, really.

Firstborn is currently in Kindergarten. He has learned to read, and his reading skills (and vocabulary, etc.) are growing by leaps and bounds. He's still doing gymnastics, and he's started climbing the fence in our back yard. Oh, and jumping off the fence in our back yard. He's also starting to play with his younger brother - Secondborn is just old enough for that, now.

Secondborn is learning to talk. He has a pretty good vocabulary - though offhand, I have no idea how many words he knows - and routinely constructs two-word sentences. He's also started asking "What?" and "Why?" fairly frequently. He's still blond, which means he picked up recessive genes from both his parents - or else the Faeries swapped our dark-haired child for a blond changeling, somehow. He can walk, run, climb, and jump - all with surprising skill. And he gets into everything.

I've mentioned before that parenting is a huge job, which essentially never ends, and which requires a massive investment of time, energy, and attention. It is not for everybody. Right now, though, I just want to talk about why I love doing it - me, myself, personally.

So join me below the fold, where I can continue bragging with pics and video:

Very active boys are very, very active:
(I call this one "Before The Splash".)

Secondborn climbs and balances:

Secondborn is also unafraid of heights - though he does still want me to come with him on the slide.

Secondborn has decided to get an early start on his training in Parkour...

And, finally, from a birthday party we attended on Saturday: Firstborn on a climbing wall.

The facility was actually willing to let me put on a harness and try a bit of climbing myself, which was awesome. I haven't done anything of the sort in years, though I used to do a lot of climbing - some of it categorically insane, I might add. So, excited as I was, I was also a bit nervous that I'd discover that I'd gotten too far out of shape for that sort of thing.

I can still do it, though - two ascents, straight to the top, both with mild overhangs to cross along the way. I felt it, though, mainly in the forearms and the gut - I'm not as eighteen as I used to be. Fun, though. I'm seriously considering taking up climbing as an exercise program.

And that's it. Thanks for indulging me while I show off a bit.


  1. I felt it, though, mainly in the forearms and the gut - I'm not as eighteen as I used to be.

    I can say with reasonable confidence being seventeen during my last rock-climbing attempt did not help, since I did so badly age could hardly have made me worse.

  2. Cute boys you've got there! I found myself wanting to say "be careful, oh careful" as secondborn parkoured around the living room. I guess I'm prone to helicopter children other than my own. I have to admit I don't helicopter parent as much as I used to, but when I catch myself doing it I get annoyed at myself.

    Yet I let one child climb on the back of a thousand pound animal and ride around while the other one runs around a small field with other 5-6 year olds kicking at a small ball. I can be found on the sidelines of both cheering them on, while their father cringes at everything "bad" that could happen.

    As my grandma would say "ya done good with those boys."

  3. Those little guys are just plain cute :)

    My Elder turned thirteen a couple of weeks ago, and now has a Facebook account. He consented to friending me, and since that time has gone through all my photo albums, read the captions, and added his own explanatory notes in the comments.

    I am this close to publically telling him he can't use "u" as a word-substitution on posts to his mother. I'm not sure if that's a battle I'm wanting to fight, though..

  4. I'm fairly certain that Parkour was invented by children. They call it "moving around the room without touching the floor."

  5. Rhoadan - And I haven't even made them watch Tremors yet!

  6. *squee* your children are so adorable!

    Has your older son joined the cub-scouts? [or does it start at age 7?] I think they do rock climbing, and outdoors-y stuff.

    "He's still blond, which means he picked up recessive genes from both his parents - or else the Faeries swapped our dark-haired child for a blond changeling, somehow"

    My sister has light-golden brown hair; it was blondish when she was a child. We're half asian [my father's side] so people used to always ask my Mom where I was adopted from.


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