Friday, March 30, 2012

Real Work Conversation: Casillero

Context: we're looking at a picture of a label on a wine bottle.

Ex-Minion: "Casillero del Diablo. What's 'Casillero' mean?"

Me: "Cask, maybe? Something like that?"

I consult the All-Knowing Google.

Me: "Ah, here we go. According to the manufacturer, it means 'cellar.' So, Cellar Of The Devil, or something like that. Interesting, though, it looks like current dictionaries define it as a desk, or locker. But yeah, that's probably an older usage - like 'locker' can mean 'store room', too, in English."

Ex-Minion: "The Devil's Wine Cellar."

Me (holding a fist up dramatically): "And now, from the Devil's Rec Room...!"

Ex-Minion: "That sounds scary."

My Boss: "That sounds like a game show."


  1. I bought a sandwich in the company cafeteria yesterday. The total came to $6.66. Clearly, The Lunch Of The Beast.

    (Then again, considering our food-service contractor, I wouldn't be surprised.)

  2. Was it a Roast Beast Sandwich???


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