Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Need more tea...

So, so very not awake today. Or at least terribly lethargic. Will make another Giant Mug o' Tea (tm) and hope it helps.

Random Tangent: I lost my thumb drive a few weeks back. This was annoying, but not a terribly big deal. The main thing that actually got lost - that I didn't have duplicated elsewhere - was a folder full of images that I like to use for desktop backgrounds. So last Sunday, I fired up the computer and started doing image searches.

And it worked pretty well. Most of the images that I really wanted, I was able to find again; plus I picked up a bunch of new ones that I hadn't used before. The one irritating part of the process was when I was searching under "fantasy warrior". (I like images of people with swords and spears and things like that. Go figure.) Male warriors? No problem. I mean, okay, some of the weapons could have been more realistic, but the overall selection was fine. Female warriors? Probably nine out of ten were dressed in outfits that nobody - nobody - in their right mind would ever choose to fight in.

Which seems like a good place to mention Women In Sensible Armor, for the benefit of anyone who might have missed it earlier.

How about you? Any strange little gripes or pet peeves that you want to share? New and unusual topics you want to introduce? Favorite sites or projects (including your own) that you'd like to promote? Consider this thread an unarmed merchant ship sailing into the wind, bring your virtual pirate ships into boarding range, and hijack away.


  1. What I want to know, is what's the deal with no one saying "goodbye" at the end of a phone call anymore? And along those lines, people, freaking identify yourself when you call. Even if you have Caller ID, it may just give the name of your business and frankly not all of us -- raising my had here -- have a good memory for voices. Makes me CRAZY!

    Whew. Thanks :) And for the record, I'm glad I finally saw the word "drive" in your post, because I thought you were being awfully calm for having lost your thumb...

  2. Pet peeve....that hamburger commercials that make it seem as if when you eat the burger you will actually be as hawt as the chick in the backseat on the tv with the burger. :???:

    Pet peeve...not putting things that have numbers, like say paperwork(invoices and such), in numerical order.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't see "drive" and thought he'd lost his thumb. I thought, "geez, he's makes seem like it's not too bad".

  3. Yes, I'd be a lot less sanguine if I'd lost a thumb. The drive, not so big a worry.

    So I'm at my parents' house a week or two back. And the phone rings. So I pick it up, and say, "Mock residence, this is Michael, can I help you?"

    And the person on the other end immediately says, "John?" (My Dad's name.)

    So I repeat myself: "This is Michael, can I help you?"

    Other person: "John?"

    By an effort of will, I manage not to just hang up on them.

  4. D'Ma - ooh, that reminds me of another one of mine: People Who Cannot Alphabetize.

    I mean, c'mon, it's not like it's that complicated a system. You can even sing the Alphabet Song under your breath if it'll help.

  5. I missed "drive" the first time, too.

    If lists aren't alphabetical, I start physically twitching. The worst part is when vocabulary words aren't in order, so I have to flip all through the index of the textbook to find them. Math teachers are the worst about this, for some reason.

    I'd rather have misordered lists that the omission of the Oxford comma, though. The Oxford comma is what separates the strippers, Rush Limbaugh, and Jeff Foxworthy from the strippers, Rush Limbaugh and Jeff Foxworthy.


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