Friday, August 30, 2013

Brain Dead, Try Again Later

So, my brain has decided to pack up all my thinking processes and go bye-bye. That being the case, instead of giving you anything of my own to read, I'm going to recommend some writings by other people:

In the news: Can We Just Pretend We Already Invaded Syria? (Note: this is actually from back in June. So when you hear people say things like "nobody could have anticipated..." you're allowed to laugh at them.)

For your amusement: The Saga Of Fred and George (Two ceramic squirrels on a journey of discovery.)

Social Issues: This is what a Feminist looks like (I can't imagine that anyone I know hasn't seen it already, but it's awesome so I'm posting it again.)

Discussion elsewhere reminded me of this: Train up a child in the way that he should go... (Protip: children are people, too, and like it or not they will go their own ways.)

That's what I've got. I have at least three things I'm hoping to get back to this weekend, but the first week of school has officially kicked my butt. Again. Right on schedule. So, what are you reading right now? What else should I be reading?


  1. You definitely should be reading my blog! Leaving your brain behind isn't required but is highly advised.

  2. Look interesting - I've put it Ye Olde Blogroll, and I'll give it a go!


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