Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Second Grade

We got Firstborn off to school this morning. This year our schedules worked out so that the Beautiful Woman was able to come along, so we bundled the whole family into the car, drove to the school, and walked Firstborn up to the front door. We took the obligatory round of pictures (I may be able to post some, later) and sent him on his way.

Firstborn managed not to scowl through the picture-taking. I consider this quite an achievement on his part. (Actually, I think he was pretty happy about going back to school. Having his parents follow him to the door to take pictures, maybe not so much.)

Then I dropped the Beautiful Wife and Secondborn back at the house, and went off to work.

This is a substantial improvement over the first day of First Grade, not to mention the first day of Kindergarten. (There was a week or two there where I wasn't entirely sure that I was going to survive the transition into having a child in school.) Apparently, once you have a system in place, it's a lot easier to fall back into it. Hopefully. 'Cause there's always the possibility that this morning went as well as it did just to lull me into a false sense of security.

We'll see.

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