Thursday, August 22, 2013

One Side of a Phone Conversation

We've had several calls in the last several days purporting to be from "Windows Technical Support" and calling to tell us - or, more specifically, the Beautiful Woman - that her computer had a virus. This a fairly transparent scam, probably aimed at getting her to download an actual virus - or possibly pay them to fix a nonexistent problem. So, this evening, as we were cleaning up after dinner, the phone rang (again) and the Beautiful Woman answered it. Thus, I was treated to the following side of the conversation.

Ladies and gentlemen, my wife:


"Really? You are from Microsoft Office and I have a virus on my computer? Please, PLEASE tell me about it."

"Keep talking. I'm fascinated. I'm RIVETED."

"I'm sure you have so much to share. Tell me more!"

"...He hung up." (Insert impish grin here.) "He probably thought I was keeping him on the line so we could trace the call."


  1. The only thing that would be more fun would be to reply with, "Oh, thank you so much! I'll be sure to take my Macbook to the Apple Store for immediate repairs!"

    Well, it would amuse me.


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