Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A story by Firstborn

I am sick today, so Firstborn is filling in with a story.

Red and the zombie
By Firstborn (age 7)

It all comes with a phoenix named Red. He was a great guard. When a friend needed him, he would teleport there to help. And help he would. Unluckily one day he found a zombie.

The zombie was on the loose, and the zombie could create other zombies. And so there were zombies everywhere. Red wasn't expecting the zombie to multiply. The zombie bit him! Red put out his flames and left an egg. The zombie was all like "I win! I win!" and then, "Uh-oh."

The egg was hatching. A little baby phoenix came out of the egg and grew into a big phoenix. The new Red decided to teleport behind the zombies so the zombies would think the new phoenix just automatically died because it was a hologram. The new Red shot fire behind and burned them all up.

The End.

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