Saturday, August 3, 2013

Write and Crash, Write and Crash

So, I haven't touched the short story for a couple of days. Combination of work and illness (either allergies or a tummy bug, no way to tell) pretty well took me down. Now, not actually writing for a couple of days isn't necessarily a crisis in itself. The problem here is that the interruption has taken my head completely out of the story. That's the sort of interruption that tends to capsize, or at least indefinitely delay, my projects.

Now, that sounds (even to me) like I've run aground, and I'm giving up. No - not yet, anyway. I have a good five pages or so already. Even allowing for some changes I'd like to make, that's enough that if I can sit down and read it through, I can probably drop my brain back into the story.

So that's the plan for tonight: put the boys down, sit down with the story, read what I have so far, and pick up from there. That used to be my methodology back in high school, when I was writing for a couple of hours every night: read the last page or two so I was caught up on exactly where I'd left off, and go from there.

We'll see how it goes. And if this doesn't work, I have at least two more ideas I can try.

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