Monday, September 2, 2013

A Goal For Tonight

This weekend has actually gone very well, despite a few odd difficulties (hundred-and-ten degree heat, window on the driver's door of my car suddenly refusing to roll all the way up, a completely random but very brief bit of rain). Of the three main projects that I had scheduled, I've accomplished one of them (Get Enough Sleep), most of a second one (Proof Reading), and sort of vaguely mulled over a third (Finish A Short Story). Also, both boys have been exceedingly well behaved for their ages.

It is now, roughly, bedtime for the two boys. So my plan is to wrestle them into bed, duct-tape them down so they stay put, and come back to write the short story - and, if I have any brain cells left after that, to finish the proof-reading. I'll need to make some food for myself (I never quite got dinner) and set some things up for tomorrow (Firstborn should probably have a lunch to take to school) before I go back to working on projects.

Despite the odd setbacks (fixing the car is going to take a chunk out of my time tomorrow, I suspect), this is actually, well... progress.

I know. I'm as surprised as you are.

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  1. The boys were well behaved? Have you checked for any mysterious vines with pods in the back yard lately? Or that they haven't been replaced by robots?


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