Friday, September 6, 2013

The Hooters

Okay, so, still a bit strung out and worn out. That being the case, you get music this morning. Specifically, you get The Hooters, because that's what I feel like playing right now.

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  1. So this Philly Girl says thanks for highlighting a local band, even if they did break up years ago.

    "Satellite" is an old favorite of mine. The title of "All You Zombies" seems to fit this blog thematically even if the lyrics don't quite fit.

  2. I don't know; "All You Zombies" has always struck me as one of those songs where the Biblical imagery really just works. It doesn't come across as being bent to make a point, or as being thrown in there just Show How Christian We Are. It's right on point. So, yeah, they're going another direction with the concept than, say, the Mad Scientist would... but in its way it kind of fits in with the Nightbreed stuff.


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