Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Still Writing, just... not here

Still working on the short story; allergies are trying to kill me. Work is... interesting, and distracting, and not quite the well-tuned machine that one might hope for.

Firstborn and I managed to play Borderlands 2 online with Uncle Nadrick, which thrilled him immensely. I was even more proud that when we ran out of time, he shut the game off without complaint, and sat down and did his homework. I think he's finally figured out that that's how to ensure that he gets more opportunities to play with his uncle - short term loss, long term gain.

Secondborn, meanwhile, was satisfied to watch Hot Wheels: Battle Force Five on the portable DVD player. So, two happy boys, two tired parents, but overall a very manageable night. Just... not a lot of writing.

My hope is to go to bed early tonight (like, right when the boys do) and wake up early. That might let me make some progress before the rest of the world crashes down on me again. We'll see.

Here is some completely random Kate Miller-Heidke, because I enjoy her music:

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