Monday, August 22, 2011

The Universe wants to grind us down

Right, so... remember back on Wednesday, when I was griping about our recent run of troubles? And I borrowed the "pecked to death by ducks" metaphor to describe it? Well, Sunday morning my wife was passing through an intersection, and the guy on her left didn't realize that he was in the second of two left turn (ONLY!) lanes. So he starts bumping into the side of my wife's car, trying to get her to move over. Damage was superficial, but - Hell below! - we did not need any more expense or aggravation right now.

Then this morning, my wife overslept and was trying to get out the door on time. Owing to what I'm going to call "cumulative stress", she tried to zoom out of the garage before the door was all the way up. Before it was most of the way up, actually. Once again, damage was minor and mostly superficial, but I've got a garage door repair person (technician? repairman? repairdude? Something like that, anyway) on the way. This is because I had to remove a piece in order to fix the immediate damage, and it's a piece that's connected to the spring: I can't move it into place in order to bolt it back on. Results: more expense; more aggravation.

So I've moved on from the "pecked to death by ducks" metaphor. This is more like Death By Accumulated Paper Cuts. (Why don't we ever see that on the crime shows, I wonder?) It's no wonder that people start wondering about Dark Forces in the midst of a run of misfortune; it's hard not to feel like someone is out to get you.

But I'm not going to dwell on this. Oh, no. Instead, I'm going to talk about taking Firstborn to his first day of Kindergarten. Because I may be bloodied... well, my bank account may be bloodied... but I myself am goddam unbowed.


  1. Glad everyone's okay; that's the most important thing, although the expense and aggravation can't be good for you, either.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, none of this is catastrophic, it just seems to be an awful lot all at once. And by the standards of "It Could Be Worse" - boy howdy could this be worse.

  3. I'm not glad this is happening to you, but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one buttloads of nit picky, aggravating, nickel and diming, not so nickel and diming, one.thing.after.another. stuff happens to. And, yes, while it could be infinitely worse and I've learned to ask if it can - it's enough to drive a girl right to the bottom of a bottle of Moscato.


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