Friday, August 12, 2011

Rick Perry

Speaking as a Texan, I'd just like to point out the disturbing similarities...

(Suggested by a friend of mine...)


  1. Did you by any chance see the compilation of quotes that Rachel Maddow had from the religious leaders featured at Perry's prayer Rally? Seriously crazy stuff. A large portion of the reason why i'm really scared of him getting elected.

  2. No, but given who was attending I can make a pretty good guess about what they had to say. And frankly, while I'm disturbed by the way he's courting these people, I'm less worried about Perry's religious leanings than I am by several of the other potential candidates. As far as I can tell, in practice Perry's about as Christian as I am - but he needs that kind of support from the base if he's going to get through the primary, so - poof! - he's an evangelical fundamentalist.

    No, what worries me is frankly his pattern of governance; he's real, real big on what he calls "public/private partnerships," and what I call "selling off our public infrastructure so his big business friends can make a lot of money and continue writing big campaign checks to Perry."

    It's not that he doesn't have the courage of his convictions; it's just that as far as I can tell, his core conviction is that he and his friends deserve to have all the nice things they want.


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