Saturday, August 27, 2011

More? More? MORE???

Yesterday we found out that the guy who smacked into the side of my wife's car (because he was too stupid to realized that he was in a left-turn only lane) has decided to lie about it. So he's claiming that Beautiful Wife moved into his lane while he was in her blind spot. So his insurance is refusing to pay for any of it.

To be charitable, maybe that's not the case; maybe his insurance company has decided to lie about it on his behalf. Either way, it's a reminder that sometimes people suck. We didn't actually need to be reminded about that, but there you go. If you somehow missed the memo, it's true: sometimes people suck.

Then, for lunch, we went to McDonald's with another mom from the Mom's Group. A good time was had in general, but when we went to leave we discovered that the purple Crocs in the Shoe Shelves were A) the wrong shade of purple, and B) a size too small. So someone wore Firstborn's shoes home, and left behind a similar pair that are too small to fit.

Our luck - to borrow a line from Martha Wells - is so bad that it's starting to be funny.

The only plus side here is that apparently sometimes people actually do return the mis-taken shoes to the restaurant, and the manager has our name and phone number in case that happens. So there's definitely an extremely slim chance that we might get them back.

In related news, we're due for a break in the heat and possibly even some precipitation to alleviate the drought. The weather service assures us that we'll definitely see something of the sort by mid-January.

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