Monday, August 1, 2011

Reflections on People Who Don't Take Good Enough Care Of Themselves

It's Claire, again. My boyfriend won't be posting for at least a few more days, because he did something stupid and now he can't move his left arm. I have no idea what - he'll have to explain it.

He wanted me to let you know, so apparently he did see my last entry. So, you know, we can probably talk about that, once I've decided whether I'm going to forgive him for doing this to himself.

Meanwhile I'm learning about eyewear and trying to stay out of trouble, but you don't want to know about that. Boring! Anyway, I'll let you know if anything else happens. Or he'll come write something when his arm is working again.

Arbitrary and completely unnecessary disclaimer, 'cause this is all fiction anyway: Reflections of a Deranged cultist is just a story, so all you law enforcement types can move right along now. Thanks.

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