Thursday, February 28, 2013

So Much For Lunch

So, I tried to have a cheap, healthy lunch here at work. I've been experimenting with a variety of microwaveable meals for this purpose, and mostly it's gone fine. Today's attempt, however... not so much.

This was a "Smart Ones" meal. I extracted it from its box, peeled back one corner of the plastic cover, and started it cooking for a couple of minutes. Then, per the instructions, I peeled the cover back, stirred the meal, and cooked it for another minute. That being done, I reached in and pulled it out of the microwave.

The plastic tray/bowl/thingy that held the food promptly folded in half and slipped out of my fingers. It managed to invert itself in mid-air and land splat-side-down on the carpet in front of the microwave. It only missed my pants because they aren't expensive enough that I would have cared about them.

Seriously, folks... what kind of microwave meal labels itself a "Smart One" and then uses a plastic container that loses its structural integrity when heated???

To be fair, the instructions do say that I should leave the meal in the microwave for a full minute before removing it. On the other hand, so do every other set of microwave meal directions in the world, and the rest of them include it as a polite way of saying, " you don't burn the crap out of your fingers, dumbass." This one apparently includes it because if don't - or, who knows, possibly even if you do - the plastic container will fold like a wet noodle when you try to pick it up.

I cleaned it up and went out to lunch.

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