Friday, February 8, 2013

Off Week and the end of the world

So, between the Nightmare Server Upgrade From Beyond The Grave and just generally feeling kind of worn out and icky, I haven't done much with the blog this week. It's not for lack of ideas; it's for lack of time and energy. It's also a matter of priorities; where I have found time to write, I've mostly used it to inch along on my current novel-length project.

So, yeah: I'm still destroying the world. (Bare Infinity is the current soundtrack for the fall of humanity.) We're just coming out of the plague; I haven't even gotten to the zompires yet. It's a good time to be writing this, since (like I said) I'm not feeling entirely well myself.

I've pushed the mortality rate for the plague up a bit; it's around twelve percent, at the final count. Which presents me with some interesting problems: does anybody have any idea what the short-term economic effects of losing that much of the population in the space of a month would look like? Or where I could go to look for that sort of information? I don't think we'd suffer complete economic collapse, but I bet the stock market would take quite a hit...

Of course, there would probably be some new jobs available, particularly for the non-squeamish...

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