Monday, September 26, 2011

I want braaaaaaaains...

Okay, so, apparently ragweed and mold are both very high right now. This goes a long way towards explaining why my head feels like it's being pinched from the inside. (I thought maybe I'd annoyed the Great Old Ones, but apparently it's just allergies.)

Allergies and I have a funny relationship. I'm not really badly allergic to anything, but I'm mildly allergic to almost everything airborne that comes through the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Also, I'm pretty sure that the pollution levels around here seriously exacerbate the problem.

Anyway, despite a fairly serious round of meds and enough hot tea to drown a buffalo, I haven't been able to focus on any of my writing projects. On top of that, I've got Jury Duty on Wednesday. Well, sort of... apparently I'm on standby Jury Duty. As far as I can tell, that means that they may not need me at all. Except, I can't find out until after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, because the County is all about helping us plan in advance like that.

Summary: blog posts may be sparse this week. Or I may be bored and annoyed enough to create more material than usual; I never can tell.

Meanwhile, I have a plan. Once the boys are in bed, I'm taking a hot bath and then playing some more Psychonauts.

Thanks to whoever recommended that game, by the way. It's every bit as cool and fun as you said it was.


  1. I'm not sure it's possible for us jumped up apes to actually annoy the Great Old Ones, but frankly just getting their attention is quite bad enough.

    To be fair to the people running jury duty, while deferrals and excuses can probably be sorted out well in advance, they have no way of knowing how many people are to going to call in sick or just not bother responding to the summons until the day before. Confession time: The last time I had jury duty, I got selected as an alternate. Then the day the trial was scheduled to start, I had some kind of gut issues. These things usually sort themselves out by the early afternoon, but by then it's too late to come in, so I called in sick. I've never done that for jury duty before, and it's not the first time I've actually been selected.

    Is this a one day/one trial deal or are you stuck for longer even if you don't get selected? Everywhere I've been summoned has been one day or one trial.

  2. Ew, allergies. Mine are all mild, too, but I never know what will set them off. That's a bummer about the jury duty. How likely are you to get out of it?

  3. It should be just a one day deal, unless I actually get selected, in which case one trial. I actually did get selected once before, on a trial which took about three days and ended with a hung jury. (Apparently we had very different ideas of what constituted "beyond a reasonable doubt".)

    Fortunately, I can bring the laptop, so if I get really bored I'll watch a movie.


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