Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who need to title their posts?

There's a point in certain video games where, after you've spent hours or days building up your equipment and abilities, Something Bad happens and you lose all your equipment. It happens in HalfLife; it happens in Kya: Dark Legacy; and I'm sure there are other games that do this, too.

It comes to mind because that's what work feels like right now. We're working in temporary locations while they patch up the areas that got flooded. I just this morning managed to trade in the teeny little netbook I'd been using for an actual laptop, and I hope to be working on a real computer at some point in the near future. But a lot of the supplies and resources that I'm used to having around are still at my desk, which means that right now they're covered by a sheet of plastic and largely inaccessible.

Since this has me feeling a bit nostalgic, here's a track off the first cassette tape I ever bought. (Remember cassette tapes?) I didn't actually get compact disks for at least another year; my first CD was the soundtrack to The Lost Boys.)

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