Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not with a bang

It's starting again. The boys are back in school. (Well, the oldest one's in school; the youngest is back in his daycare program.) My wife is about to start her spring semester, and she's teaching at two different colleges this time around. And, of course, we've hit the end of the year (with its requisite site updates) and the first big blush of our busy season, all at the same time.

That doesn't seem to affect the Blog o' Doom here, much. At least, it hasn't in previous years, so it probably won't this time, either. It'll be just as random as always, with maybe a few more work- and stress-related rants. I expect my longer writing projects to grind to a halt again, but I guess that's fine; it's not like I was making any progress on them, anyway.

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