Thursday, January 3, 2013

The King of Cups

So we're sitting in the car at Sonic a couple of days ago, and I have ordered corndogs for the boys. In addition to the corn dogs, I have ordered two cups of water. (Firstborn actually asked for a cup of water, but that makes it a safe bet that Secondborn is going to want some, too. So, two cups.)

I hand the first cup back to Firstborn, who takes it. At six years old, he sits in a booster seat, which happens to have a pair of built-in cup-holders, one at each of the front corners. He pries open one of the cup-holders, and puts his cup in it.

"Firstborn," I say, "can you pull out the other cup-holder, and put Secondborn's cup in it?"

So he pries open the second holder, and accepts his brother's cup. Then, with everything in place, he proudly announces: "Ha-ha! I am the King of Cups, with my Cup-Throne!"

He's, um, he's kind of dramatic. I don't know where he gets it from, really. It's very mysterious.

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