Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dark Armor 012: Riding Out

Pallian emerged from the sarcophagus rested and restored; he always did. His armor was still in place, but the rent in his palm was healed and the shield was whole again. He strapped on his sword and slid his arm through the straps of the shield, then gathered the lance and emerged from his tent.

Black was fully recovered, waiting calmly outside his tent; no one in the camp would touch the Champion's mount, and Black would strike them down if they tried. Pallian checked him over, confirming that his barding, while battered, was still intact. Then he placed the lance in its holder and swung up into the saddle.

He did not stop at the command tent, and he did not speak. He had his orders, and it was time to go. The Edrian army held a decent lead, and he would need most of the day to make it up. It was time to lose himself in movement.

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