Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Brief DnD Recap: The Haunted House

Right, so:

Last week the group essentially finished exploring the haunted house. They've arguably got a bit more to do, but they've defeated the house's, um, inhabitants and learned most of its secrets -- including the fact that they lovely and charming half-elf who was sexing up the Chevalier was actually planted there to sabotage them. They left him unconscious in one of the upstairs rooms, after he made the mistake of saying he loved the Chevalier, who was immediately no longer interested.

At this point, they have a bit of treasure (including some rare books, albeit not in the best of shape) and will need to figure out how to get it back to town if that's what they want to do. Otherwise, they could simply head back and make trouble in Saltmarsh until the next opportunity comes up.

And yeah, I meant to write this out earlier and in more detail (including a list of treasure, which I might come back and add later) but, eh, c'est la guerre.

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