Thursday, April 9, 2015


I need filler. I have no filler. Anybody have filler? What have you been reading, or watching, or listening to?


  1. I've been watching Friends for the first time. Some of the jokes about gender and sexual orientations are cringingly outdated, but it's worth checking out if you want mindless entertainment.

    Do you like historical dramas? Call the Midwife has been making me incredibly grateful to live in 2015 lately. Life in the late 1950s and early 1960s was so difficult.

    The documentary Closure was really good. It's the true story of a woman's search for her biological parents. She was raised by white, adoptive parents and had almost no information about her birth family, so the search for them was an emotional experience on a few different levels.

    I'm assuming you've seen Despicable Me with your kids already. If not, definitely give it a try. It was great.

    As far as books go, I highly recommend “Vitamania” by Catherine Price and “The Door Is Open” Bart Campbell. They were both excellent.

    Hopefully you're intrigued by at least one of these suggestions. :)

  2. I'm intrigued by several of them, and I'm grateful for such a rich and varied reply!


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