Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Writing Prompt: The New Pet

Here's another writing prompt for anyone who wants to play with it. I'm still out of town (this post was written days ago) so I won't be able to respond until I get back, but have fun anyway.

The Prompt: They found it under the hood of the car: something small and furry that shrieked when the motor started.
The Limit: 300 Words

As with the last one, feel free to post your writing here, or put it on your own site and link back to it.


  1. What surprised Ernest the most, though, was what peered back at him when he lifted the hood.

    It’s body was plump, furry and just a tad smaller than the average adult cat. The face, though, was eerily human. If not for the whiskers and whisper of fur around its left ear, it would have resembled any human child.

    “What the—“

    The creature wiggled its way out of the engine and leapt gracefully onto the concrete before he finished speaking.


    He’d forgotten Jasmine was old enough to unlock the door now.

    “No, Jazzy. Stay there.” As if she ever listened.

    The…thing purred and blinked slowly as it wound its body around Ernest’s shaking legs. His daughter cooed and bent over to pet it.

    It struggled half-heartedly for a moment, and then relaxed into her arms.

    “I’m going to call you Precious.”

    “Sweetie, we can’t keep it.” The army base was 10 miles down the road. What if this some kind of top-secret experiment gone horribly wrong?

    “You said I could get a cat.” Well, technically they had been on their way to the shelter to pick out her first pet. Preferably something full-grown and already house-trained, although he’d promised her she could choose any cat.

    The creature hissed when he reached for it. It’s claws were twice as long as you’d expect for something so petite.

    “The kid is right. I’m staying here.” He never would have guessed that this fluffy little thing would have such a hoarse, raspy voice. Or, you know, a voice at all.

    Jasmine wrapped her arms around Precious more tightly and strode into the house. He could have sworn he saw his new nemesis wink at him when she opened the screen door.


    1. Oh my God, I love this so much. ALL THE EVIL FLUFFIES!


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