Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ah, the joys of contacting tech support

You are now chatting with 'Adobe Rep '

Adobe Rep : Hi Welcome to Adobe support. How may I help you?

Michael Mock: Is there any way to get a *complete* install file for Creative Cloud? I can't get any of it to install, and I suspect it's because our firewall is blocking some remote sites that the install package is trying to pull from.

Adobe Rep : Certainly

Adobe Rep : https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud

Michael Mock: Is that different from the download file I have already?

Michael Mock: 'Cause I'm having a hard time believing that the entire suite can unpack from a 600 kb file without accessing remote servers.

Adobe Rep : No

Adobe Rep : CC should be downloaded and installed locally

Michael Mock: Okay, here's what happens: I download that file. I run it. I get a little window that says "Creative Cloud". Nothing shows up on the Home tab. I go over to the Apps tab, and it lists a variety of programs. I try to install one. I get an error message saying that Installation Failed.

Adobe Rep : Go To Apps

Michael Mock: Yes...

Adobe Rep : Please close all the adobe and cc Processes from the task manager if you are windows

Adobe Rep : And Activity Monitor if you are on mac

Adobe Rep : And try afgain

Adobe Rep : again*

Michael Mock: AdobeIPCBrker and Adobe CEF Helper keep restarting themselves.

Michael Mock: Ah, wait.

Michael Mock: Shutting down Creative Cloud process did it.

Adobe Rep : Ok

Adobe Rep : Now try again

Michael Mock: All right. Ran the new copy I just downloaded. Still not seeing anything but the spinning wheel on the homepage.

Michael Mock: Moving to Apps.

Adobe Rep : Ok

Michael Mock: Hitting "Install" for Photoshop CC.

Michael Mock: 0%

Michael Mock: Still 0%.

Adobe Rep : It will take time

Michael Mock: Installation Failed - Learn More.

Adobe Rep : Are you windows?

Michael Mock: "The download appears corrupted. Please try again after a few minutes. (-60)"

Michael Mock: Yes, Windows 7 - I don't think Windows is the problem, though.

Michael Mock: I think it's the firewall for our network. I think when Creative Cloud tries to go out and get install files for the apps, something is keeping it from getting the necessary files.

Michael Mock: Which brings me back to my original question: is there a way to download the entire package onto my PC, so I can install it without having to get through the firewall?

Adobe Rep : Let me get you tech support

Michael Mock: Sounds good.

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the appropriate group.

You are not currently connected to a chat representative.

Two hours. Two hours of trying to talk to these guys, while they walked through their flow chart -- which, if we'd had time to complete it, would have ended with all my Adobe CS6 programs removed, and no Adobe Creative Cloud programs to replace them.


  1. It was. I'm beginning to suspect that it would actually be easier to carry the computer home, plug it in here, finish the download, and bring it back. The network guys swear they've opened all the sites that Adobe listed for us, but I'm dubious -- mainly because the thing still won't finish any of its downloads. As a special bonus, it's started disabling bits and pieces of my CS6 software, which is going to be a real problem before much longer.


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