Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Real Work Conversations: Mosquito Death Map

So we're working on our mosquito control page, incorporating some new features...

CW1: "All right, so where do I put the link for the map?"

CW2: "Just put a text link in the middle of the page. That's what that department does on all their pages anyway."

CW1: (typing) "...Mosquito... tracking... map..."

CW2: "Don't call it that. We're not tracking mosquitoes."

CW1: "Yes we are. I mean..."

CW2: "It's not like we're putting little tags on their legs and tracking them. Come on."

Me: "How about Mosquito Death Map. Everyone would click on it if it said Mosquito Death Map."

CW1: "Not helping."

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