Thursday, April 18, 2013

Personalized Torment Plate

I don't normally think much of personalized license plates. I mean, sure: if you have a bit of extra money, and that's how you feel inspired to express yourself, well... don't hesitate on my account. But it's something that I don't really get. That may be because I tend to see cars not as vehicles for self-expression, but as vehicles for, um, vehicling.

That said, I saw one this morning that I really did think was funny:
If you can't make that out (it was a rainy morning, and I was taking the picture at a stoplight), someone has taken the "T For Texas" custom license plate, and made it spell out TORMENT... on their Pontiac Torrent.

I have no idea, of course, whether this represents a private protest against having to live in a state run by the likes of Rick Perry, whether it's simply a complaint about the car, or whether the owner is a hardcore Planescape fan. Whatever the case, I like it.

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