Wednesday, April 3, 2013


So I'm putting the boys to bed last night. Firstborn has pretty well settled in on his own - he doesn't like to go to sleep on his own, but he'll do it. Secondborn has just finished watching Blue Mountain Mystery, and has asked me to, well...

"Daddy, can you come in my room? Daddy, can you get a book and a flashlight and come in my room?"

So I stretch out on the bed with my Kindle Fire - which is sort of a book and a flashlight all in one - and start reading. Secondborn snuggles up against me with the whole-body fluidity of a cat, just really burrowing in. So I shift around and smooch him on the top of his head. "Are you my cuddle-muffin?" I ask.

And Secondborn, in that particularly decisive little-boy way of his, says: "Yes."

Five minutes later he's asleep.

Sometimes, being a parent just rocks.

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