Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So, there's a contest going on over on Twitter under the hashtag #VurtSF. Or at least there was; for all I know, it may be over by the time this posts. Anyway, the idea is to write an entire Science Fiction or Fantasy story in a single tweet.

I've been... enjoying this.

So, since Blogger doesn't seem to have a working Twitter widget anymore, I'm going to copy my entries over here:
Found magic sword. Monsters! Fleeing! Battle! Regrouping. More monsters! More battle! Victory! Now I'm the King. Yay me!

When the monsters followed the plagues, we thought we were doomed. We didn't yet realize what we were becoming.

There is a person writing a story on Twitter about a person writing a story on Twitter about a person writing a story on Twitter...

Dr. Erebus shocked the world when he proved that our reality is the dream of an alien god - and then told us how we could escape.

I set out to make a time machine, but only when I showed up to help myself out did I realize I would succeed.

"They had stories in which we kept them *alive* to power ourselves." 6CX dropped a screaming human into its fuel port. "So foolish."

I knew the key opened doors to strange lands. I didn't know I'd have to become so strange myself just to exist in such alien places.

Bright sparks spread across the planet below, consuming cities. Lord Xicpi contacted the Varg captain Ullo: "Care for another game?"

And, finally:
"It can't be done!" cried Dr. Sane. "You can't compress the whole SF novel into a single tweet! Your story has too many characters!"

Seriously, though - go read through the entries. Much as I love my own stuff, there are a lot of really good nanofictions there.

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