Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're doomed.

Okay, so -- we've just finished dinner. Firstborn has retreated to the living room to continue his epic quest to restore the Core of Light to the Skylands, and taken his mother with him. I'm cleaning up.

Secondborn -- who just turned two back in the middle of April -- has been puttering around the kitchen with me. Now, as I watch, he reaches over and rips the child-protective cover out of the electrical socket on the wall. Still holding the protective cover contemptuously in one hand, he reaches down and picks up the cord for the air filter. This, he promptly jams into the wall socket... seating it correctly on the first try, I might add.

Then he casually drops the protector on the floor, reaches over, and turns on the air filter.

Explain to me again how this "baby proofing" stuff is supposed to work?


  1. I Have concluded that my young grandkids are smarter than me. :) it is amazing how quickly children learn.

    As long as your child doesn't get a screwdriver out you will likely be safe.

  2. K2 at age two was taking the plug in of things and prying off the protective outlet cover. He would then plug in said thing, turn it on and that was that.

    I had a hard time getting those things off sometimes, but not K2.

    Secondborn is a smart one, he is.

  3. Oh, my! Well at least you know he knows how to properly utilize the socket. *Hopefully* he won't try to use it improperly.

    As a side note, my boss came into work on Wednesday(she's at home alone with her twin 5yo's and a 3yo) with the following story:

    "Around 8:30 I was working out and I had put the kids to bet at 8 as usual. Everything was quiet. I'm working out and here comes 3yo who says", "Mommy look! I am sooooo shiny." She looks up and one of the 5yo's has convinced the 3yo to coat her arms and legs in...vaseline.

    I asked her what she did. She said, "Washing the sheets was easier than washing the kid. I just put her to bed."

  4. Yep. I used a bunch of old washcloths, myself; but then, if I'd put Secondborn to bed as he was, I don't think I'd have been able to get him unstuck in the morning.

  5. Yup, doomed!

    My older son was out of his crib under his own steam at 19 months, so I bought a crib tent (he might have been ready, but I was not!). So a month later, he'd figured out how to unzip the crib tent...

    The end is nigh, dude. Sorry.


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