Friday, June 1, 2012

Pimp My Art Friends: Trinlay Khadro

Visual art has been something of a theme in my life just recently. This isn't deliberate; it's just one of those funny little bits of synchronicity. But, since it has been prominent on my mental radar, I thought I'd take a moment and promote some of my artist friends. Some of these are people I've known in person for decades; others are Imaginary Friends (iFriends), people I only know through the Internet. All of them are awesome.

Trinlay is another iFriend, someone I've known for years on the Internet but never actually met in person. (We originally met on a message board devoted to a particular series of shared-world anthologies - the Bordertown books.) She works mainly in amigurumi (crochet plush), making various sorts of critters:
She also creates clothing and accessories for dolls:
A lot of Trinlay's projects feature Fey and similar themes, or kawaii (cute) versions of eldritch horrors; her work shows a mixture of otherness and whimsy that I find particularly appealing. If you'd like to see more of her crafts, she has a shop on Zibbet and a (less used) shop on Etsy. Take a look!

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