Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reflections on Retrieval

It was Billy who brought me back. I'm not sure how. He's not sure how, either. He tried to tell me about it, but I can't hold together that long. Maybe I can get details later.

It was something to do with his dreams. He dreams of the future sometimes. Or the past, if there's any difference. Distant past, distant future. Found me out there somewhere, being something. Pulled me back somehow? Or gave me a direction to follow? I don't know.

He's looked for Claire, too. He can't find her. And I can't help. Not yet. I have to... reintegrate... first. Reorient. Can't find her til I'm sure of who and where I am.

It's coming. I can talk now, sometimes. The words don't dissolve when I say them. They don't slip past me when I hear them. Sometimes. And I'm starting to notice other things, like hunger and thirst. Not always, but it's getting more reliable.

So I should be able to help, soon. Whatever soon means...

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