Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Zombie Hunters

Apparently it's Zombie Week here at Mock Ramblings.

My copy of The Zombie Hunters, Book One has come in at last, which means that I now know exactly how I'm spending my evening. If you're not already reading it, The Zombie Hunters is an online comic which takes place after the zombie apocalypse. The survivors live in isolated enclaves called Arcologies, where they try to survive and find some way to turn the tide in a world which has been completely overrun by the living dead. The story follows a small group which makes its living as government-sponsored scavengers. They search for food, drink, and materials in the wastelands outside their arcology - a job which gives them plenty of opportunities to get in trouble. (In fact, I'd broadly categorize them as a group of "heroic troublemakers", which may be why the Arcology prefers to have them spend so much of their time out in the ruins.)

The art is excellent and the story is entertaining, and there's plenty of zombie (and anti-zombie) violence. There's some interesting variety in the zombies, too. As a bonus, the online comic updates very regularly - so you won't sit around wondering when the next page is coming out, or what happened to the author and if they ever plan to continue. And so but anyway, if you're the sort of person who enjoys post-apocalyptic zombie stories, go read it - and if you like it, show 'em some love by buying the book.


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  2. Oh *HELLZ* yeah!!! This is definitely one of the webcomics that I look forward to to start my week!

    @ Anonymous (spammer): Hey, I despise the Bush Administration as much as the next guy (providing, of course, that the next guy is also an intelligent, reasonably liberal-to-moderate supporter of Constitutional due process, democracy, Civil/Human Rights, etc.), but it doesn't help your cause when you post incoherent/inchoate, context-free, argumentum ad caps lock-style rants on random comments pages. Just sayin'....

  3. @ reynard61 - In this particular case you're wasting your breath (so to speak). This particular spammer isn't amenable to polite suggestions, helpful hints, direct insults, or anything else. Ignore him; I'll delete his posts as soon as I see them.

  4. @ Michael Mock: Probably, but I just thought that a "voice of reason" post would be a nice gesture so that a potential new poster could see that we're not all crazies on this blog. And besides I'm trying to hone my rhetorical and writing skills.

  5. Good point, and I certainly can't fault the instinct.

  6. Great......another distraction when I'm supposed to be "working"....

    I've never really looked into comics [such as the Walking Dead's genesis], but I'll give this a look see....


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