Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting a good night's coma

I took the family out to dinner last night, then went home and put everyone to bed.

Well, sort of.

Firstborn was full of energy, so while he was in his room with the lights off, he wasn't exactly "in bed". At least, not unless there's some alternate use of the phrase that actually indicates "zooming around his room and building monsters with his Trio blocks beside the nightlight".

So, while I was waiting for him to fall asleep, I... well, I passed out on the living room floor. (It's just barely possible that I was a bit more tired than I'd realized.) Anyway, after a bit I dragged myself back to my feet, brushed my teeth, and collapsed on the bed in the back room. (This is nominally "my" bed, but in practice it belongs to the cats.)

And then I overslept.

All told, I think I got a bit over ten hours of sleep. Now I'm feeling both vastly better rested, and at the same time somewhat delicate and clumsy. Also a bit stuffy, but you can blame the cats for that. And, of course, I haven't written anything on the next/last installment of Friendly Evangelism. Depending on how today goes, I'll probably finish that tonight. I don't expect it to be very long, after everything we've discussed already.

So, in the meantime, I have a challenge for the geeks, nerds, and horror fans in the room. Here are pictures of the monsters that Firstborn made with his Trio set. Can you identify them? (These were done entirely on his own, by the way. It was his idea to build them, and he didn't have any help with the design and construction. It is, of course, entirely my fault that he knows about such creatures in the first place, but still... I'm soooo proud of him.)

And, just as a special bonus (so Firstborn doesn't get all the attention), here's a shot of Secondborn amusing himself with a new toy. It's empty, I swear.


  1. Hmmm...I'm guessing a lobster and a dragonfly, or a praying mantis and a scorpion.

    I'm certain the contents of the empty bottle were used for medicinal purposes. :-)

    Secondborn is adorable!

  2. The key word is "monster", not "bug". (Yes, lobsters are bugs. Big, bony bugs with giant scary pincers. La la la la la I CAN'T HEAR YOU!)

  3. Meh, bugs, monsters...tomato, tomoto. They're all the same to me!

  4. Actually, lobsters aren't bugs - bugs are a subset of insects that have sucking/drilling mouthparts, whereas lobsters are crustaceans... with crunchers.

    And... I'm going to guess that the one on the right is a facehugger. Not sure what the other one is... but I love the goggly eyes.

  5. The one on the right is indeed a facehugger. The one on the left... well, it's a critter with similar behavior patterns, but it comes from a video game instead of a movie.

  6. Caption for your picture: "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!"


  7. He's a beautiful baby, Michael.


  8. Is anybody gonna take a swing at what that other critter is?

    Btw, I meant to say that the engineering and design on those is really good.

  9. Oh, I forgot I was going to respond to this. The other critter is a Headcrab from the Halflife series of video games.

    Both monsters are available as plush stuffed animals. I'm hoping to get them in time for his birthday.

  10. Though I don't know anything about what they actually are, they do look like some sort of critter to me. Firstborn did a good job!

    And secondborn well he's a cutie! Who can resist a baby with a giant bottle of alcohol.

    I might ask did you "fall asleep" on the living room floor after you had some of what was in that bottle? :)

  11. Hey! I have better taste in alcohol than that.

    If I'm going to pass out from drinking, it'll be from drinking something good!


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