Thursday, March 10, 2011

Give Me The Brain

In keeping with the zombie theme (established by accident earlier this week), I'd like to recommend a card game: Give Me The Brain. If you're the sort of person who regularly attends a game night, or just spends a lot of time playing games, you've probably run across it already.

As a card game, the goal is simple: the first person to discard all his (or her) cards wins the game. The rules aren't terribly complicated, and you can learn the game in five or ten minutes. It's best played with four to six people... and it's best played if you read the cards out loud as you play.

Why? Because it's the setup that really makes the game. You're a zombie, working in Friedeys - The Fast Food Restaurant Of The Damned. All your co-workers are zombies, too, and you all share one simple goal: to finish up your tasks (represented by the cards in your hand) so you can go home. There's a catch, of course: some of the tasks require a brain... and there's only one brain among the lot of you... and if you use the brain, there's a good chance that you'll drop it immediately afterwards.

Winning requires a mix of luck and strategy, but the game is an awful lot of fun even if you lose. It's silly, it's random, it's hilarious. Pick up a copy at your local gaming store (Comic Book stores often have it, too), or order it from Steve Jackson Games.

"Give me the brain... I forgot what lettuce is!"


  1. I love games! I think it's the feeling of community they promote, because I'm not really competitive(yeah, right!). Sounds like a pretty cool game. I'll have to give it a whirl at my next game night.

    Just out of you have an obsession with all things zombie or is there some sort of irony here? *grin*

  2. It's not an obsession. I can quit any time I want! ...No, there's no larger point here. Zombies are just a specific case of my general obsession with... erm, interest in monsters.

    I started the week with that movie review, and happened to receive the comic in the mail the next day, and thought, "Hey, I guess it's zombie week." So here we are!

  3. It's not an obsession. I can quit any time I want! Yeah, yeah, that's what they all say! Monsters as an, um, interest...oh my. I can't do scary movies. They might make me wet the bed! Anywho, I thought maybe I'd missed the memo on the zombie theme when I checked out Laughing In Purgatory's blog post. And somewhere else in my surfing the zombie thing popped up.

  4. I'm more of a vampire person, but the AH loves him a good cheesy Zombie movie. I did like the A&E series though. What was it called? Walking Dead?

  5. I haven't seen The Walking Dead yet. (We don't have cable, or even a decent antenna.) I'm hoping to pick it up when it hits DVD, 'cause I'm hearing good things about it.

  6. Walking Dead came out on DVD Tuesday.

  7. The best way to play Give Me The Brain is in zombie voices.

  8. Zombie voices? Like, "Uuunnnnnnnhh?"

    Actually, that sounds like fun. We'll have to try it.


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