Thursday, March 11, 2010

More strange dreams

This morning my allergies woke me up at about three-thirty. Given that I went to bed as soon as Firstborn started snoring, this was a decent amount of sleep. However, I've been trying to get enough sleep to stay health, so I didn't just crawl out of bed. I found some tissues and a cough drop, and tried to go back to sleep.

This actually worked, in the sense that I did manage to fall asleep again.

Now, under the circumstances, I might hope to at least have pleasant dreams: something featuring Natalie Imbruglia and myself at a scenic mountain resort, perhaps. Instead, I get an extremely creepy sequence where Firstborn was a zombie and gnawing on my hand, followed by another sequence where an old acquaintance from college dropped in unannounced, and expected us to offer her a place to stay. Is this really the best my brain can come up with? Is an indiscreet moment with Drew Barrymore on a desert island too much to ask for? If Ms. Barrymore was already booked, I'd have settled for a chance to explore the island...

To quote Charlie Brown, "It just isn't fair!"

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