Thursday, January 7, 2021

I have absolutely nothing useful to say this morning.

Really. Just, nothing. 

Except that there need to be consequences for what happened yesterday. Every congressperson who encouraged it? Ejected. Everyone who broke into the building? Arrested. 

I'm already seeing some bullshit that it was secret Antifa infiltrators who did the damage. This is abjectly, glaringly false, but from a deterrence perspective it doesn't really matter. The fascist rioters who broke into the capital building were taking selfies on their cell phones. The evidence is right there. Arrest them, without fear or favor. Several gave their names on the air. Arrest them. If they were Antifa, arrest them. (They weren't - several of these figures are well-known and well-document in right wing circles, easily identified in the photos.) If they weren't antifa, arrest. 

Find out why the cops let this happen. Everyone who enabled it? Arrest them. Prosecute them. I'm seeing it spun as a "failure of security" but it wasn't; it was deliberate, malicious negligence. BLM protests, and there are riot police marching over people, shoving them down hard enough to cause brain damage. Right-wing MAGA mob? They just stepped back. Why? Because the knife doesn't cut its handle. 

There have to be consequences, or this will happen again and the next time it'll be worse.

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