Monday, November 16, 2020

Darvinin: Prisoners 1

Darvinin stood at the top of the ramp, looking from Ruin to Martini to the captain of the ship, and said: "So, that command..." 

Ruin handed over the scroll. "I assume this means something to you?" 

Darvinin grinned and shook his head. "No, it was only ever nonsense. But I learned a new trick, and it served its purpose." He muttered the key phrases and gestured at the scroll, which dissolved into blue-green flames. Simultaneously, blue-green flames flared to life on Ruin's hands, Martini's... and those of the Captain, the First Mate, and three different sailors. 

Ruin cursed in draconic and turned to the Captain. "Okay, so apparently we need to murder you." 

Darvinin shook his head and put a hand on his twin brother's shoulder. "No. Captain, you're relieved. Leave your weapons on the deck and walk down the ramp. Captain Helmar stands ready to take the helm." 

The elf hesitated, then drew his short sword and placed it on the deck. "You'll regret this," he said quietly. 

"Possibly," agreed Darvinin, one hand on the double-scimitar clipped to his back. "But for today, I intend to enjoy it. Please join my friends down on Lighthouse Point, while Helmar's crew takes command of your ship." There was a brief hesitation, and Darvinin saw Ruin shiver with the desire to cut the captain in half. Then Captain Wyland started down the ramp, and Ruin relaxed his hands on the pommel of his sword. 

"Better," said Ruin. "This is better." 

Darvinin just nodded, and watched as the ship's crews traded out. "It won't be clean," he said, "but it's enough to get you going. Good luck, brother." 

Ruin managed a smile. "Good luck with them, O my brother." He raised his voice just slightly. "Just let me know if any of them try to escape. It would be my pleasure to hunt them down, for any small part in assisting our enemies."

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